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For a safe and healthy Yoga practice during pregnancy

  • During pregnancy the body of a woman has to go through an incredible number of changes to adapt to the growing new life. In fact, the body of a pregnant woman changes 3 times during pregnancy!
  • These changes affect the curves of your spine, your balance and how you walk. Doing Yoga is ideal during pregnancy, it will help your body to adjust better and will also support you on a mental and emotional level.
  • However, not every Yoga posture is safe to practice once you are pregnant and the rules keep changing from trimester to trimester. It is therefore important, that you are practicing under the guidance of experienced professionals.


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If you like to practice yoga during pregnancy, it is important to know what areas in the body change and how you can safely address them with yoga postures that are safe to practice.

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Are you pregnant and thinking about to start practicing yoga?

This is good because intelligent movement, as we practice it in Alignment Yoga, helps the body to adapt to the pregnancy and common problems such as back pain, neck pain or digestion problems can be reduced with yoga postures. Moving the body during pregnancy is very important!

Your increased flexibility during pregnancy can lead to misalignment in the Yoga poses. This can cause problems! In this course we show you exactly where you have to be careful and how you can adapt the yoga poses for a safe practice.

Would you like to continue with your yoga practice during pregnancy, but are you unsure if it is safe to do so?

This is a valid concern and many ask this question. Yoga is safe if you have clear instructions. Alignment Yoga in particular offers a safe and healthy way to keep your practice going.

Ustrasana during pregnancy



Safe and careful instructions for a healthy prenatal self yoga practice during pregnancy.

As the body changes and flexibility increases, correct and safe instructions for each Yoga posture are important to avoid common misalignment in the joints, which could lead to problems. In this course you will find a gallery where every asana is very well explained and demonstrated for you.


Suggestions of yoga poses to help relieve common problems and also what to avoid.

Common issues during pregnancy are back pain, stiffness in the neck and shoulders, digestion problems, difficulty in breathing etc. Many yoga postures, when done properly, can provide relieve. Some postures should be either avoided or adapted to make them safe. We give you valuable tips how to practice them.


Mental peace, inner stillness, better breathing and more comfort during your pregnancy.

Yoga is not only benefiting you physically during pregnancy, but also helps you to calm down and reduce stress. We have included important techniques such as proper breathing, a guided Yoga Nidra and a guided meditation that you can practice for more inner peace during your pregnancy.

I would like to buy this course!

Yoga has so many wonderfully positive qualities and it would be a shame to give it up because you're unsure whether it's really good for you.



  • …you want to start practicing yoga or continue with your yoga practice during pregnancy
  • …you want to learn to practice the yoga postures safely and carefully
  • .… you are looking for a way to relax and find inner calm


  • are diagnosed with serious health issues during your pregnancy. Please consult with your doctor before buying.
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"Less is more. You don't have to do crazy yoga postures to feel better, especially during pregnancy - but you need to know how to move your body intelligently and in a safe way!"

Viviana Presicce and Tanja Lenger Mascarenhas

Hi there, we are Viviana (on the right), doctorate midwife with more than 20 years of experience in the delivery room as well as a yoga and meditation teacher, and Tanja (on the left), full-time yoga teacher and certified yoga therapist with special expertise in Alignment Yoga.

With this course we want to bring comfort in your pregnancy by introducing you to safe but effective yoga postures, proper breathing and simple meditation techniques, that are also suitable for beginners.

What you will need to practice along with this course is a yoga mat, yoga blocks, a yoga belt and a yoga bolster and some blankets. If you do not have all the yoga props, you can help yourself with the belt from your bathrobe for example as a belt, or the back-rest cushion of your sofa or the breastfeeding cushion as a bolster and some books as a replacement for yoga blocks at the beginning. Keep also a chair close by, it will be useful for some of the postures.

Padangusthasna with chair
Prasarita Padottanasana
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Side lying pose
Supta Baddha Konasana


  • In this Prenatal Alignment Yoga course we summarized the most important points about the biomechanical changes that happen in your body and how yoga postures can help to alleviate most common problems.
  • The course features 90 video clips covering 8.5 hours of viewing time with detailed and safe instructions for each asana, explanations on how to breath properly, 4 classes for you to practice along with us, a Yoga Nidra for deep relaxation and a guided meditation for inner peace. And bonus talks, about common problems faced during pregnancy.



Chapter 1: What happens during pregnancy

Here you learn what incredible biomechanical changes the body has to make during pregnancy and what areas are especially affected by it in the different trimesters. These lessons will help you to understand why and when you need to be careful when practicing your Yoga postures.

Chapter 2: Important to know!

In these lessons you will learn more about the spine and how you can protect it during prenatal yoga classes. Furthermore you learn what to avoid during yoga once you are pregnant, why you are all of a sudden much more flexible and if it is safe or not to lie on your back.

Chapter 3: Explanation of the Yoga Postures (Asana Gallery)

Here you will find every Asana (Yoga posture) explained in full detail with many valuable alignment tips and variations.

Common Problems and Solutions

This is the tool kit you need to make your Yoga practice even safer and the helpful and valuable tips can also be integrated into your daily life to make your pregnancy lighter. We address common problems during pregnancy such as lower back and pelvis pain, neck pain, painful feet, digestion problems etc. and tell you why they happen and which Yoga asanas you can practice to help improve the problem.

Yoga Nidra

In this chapter you receive a short introduction about Yoga Nidra and how you can practice it to find more peace, comfort and rest. Included is a downloadable Audio File for you to practice anywhere you want.

Guided Meditation

Here you can download an Audio File and receive knowledge how to practice this guided meditation during your pregnancy that will help you to relax, calm the mind and make contact with your baby.

Yoga Sessions to practice

In this section you find 4 yoga classes to practice along and an explanation what pranayama you can practice.


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Prenatal Alignment Course
Viviana Presicce

Hi, I am Viviana Presicce a midwife by choice with more than 20 years of experience in the delivery room, certified yoga teacher and senior meditation teacher since more than 25 years.

I am the author of the two Italian books “Everything you want to know about birth” and "Postpartum" and the creator and founder of Ready to Rebirth, the first online platform of courses for preparation for birth and motherhood in Europe.

Yoga is for me not just a physical exercise I do, but a holistic practice to bring health and healing into the body, which helps me to go deeper and connect with my soul.

To help other souls on their path and to help you during your pregnancy is my true mission.

Tanja Lenger Mascarenhas

Hi, I am Tanja Lenger Mascarenhas. I practice Yoga since 1997 and after working in the financial industry for several years, i started my own business as a yoga teacher in 2011 and have been a full-time yoga teacher ever since.

I am a certified yoga therapist in Switzerland, specialized in Alignment Yoga and co-owner of the yoga place, gmbh. Alignment Yoga is a Yoga style that focuses on the correct alignment of the body in each yoga posture in respect to the person's individual anatomy. I had the opportunity to work with many mothers-to-be over the years, who felt the tremendous benefit from this style of yoga.

To teach Yoga to others is my true inner calling and a natural passion. I am very happy that this workshop was "born" to bring more comfort in your pregnancy through the gift of Yoga.

Movement is important during pregnancy because this allows the body to adapt better to the changes it faces. Therefore, practicing Yoga and Meditation is definitely helpful! And we show you how to do it safely!



CHF 597.00 - 9 months access

CHF 797.00 - unlimited access

CHF 297.00 - light version for 9 months


How long do I have access to the course?

Depending on the price you pay for the course, you have either 9 months access or unlimited access. The light version comes with 9 months access.

I have some health issues, can I do the course?

Please consult with your doctor before buying the course.  

What happens if I click the buy button?

If you do not have an account on our online learning platform, you will first be asked to create an account. After that, you can pay for the course via credit card and have immediate access to the course.

For whom is this course?

This course is suitable for you if you are looking for a safe and healthy yoga practice during your pregnancy or if you work with pregnant ladies in your Yoga class.

What is Alignment Yoga?

Alignment Yoga is a style of yoga that respects your individual anatomy and any weak points in the body, thus avoiding yoga injuries. The yoga postures are held for longer periods of time to allow the effects of each exercise to develop in the body. We use yoga props. Props not only support the body, they also allow us to experience the yoga postures on a deeper level.

Do I need yoga props for the class?

What is highly recommended besides the yoga mat is a yoga belt, two yoga blocks and a blanket. A yoga bolster does not have to be, but is certainly a good investment, but the backrest of your sofa or the breastfeeding cushion will help as a substitute.  

How long does it take to view the entire course?

The full course features 90 video clips covering almost 8.5h of viewing time.

Where do I go to ask questions about the technology report an issue?

Send us an email to  

Buy the course and start your safe yoga practice now!

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